“Larger than Life” Exhibition in Print — Metal Arts Guild of Canada

Add for "Larger than Life" in Magazine Page 32 V.26 : No3

In 2011, the Metal Arts Guild of Canada published its first Exhibition in Print (EIP). The theme was "Larger Than Life" and the guest curator was Gloria Hickey. Of the 165 entries received, 21 were selected for the EIP.

I was honoured to have my Sterling Water Pitcher accepted and published. This piece was larger than life from a sheer technical perspective, and it is substantial in size and weight.

The Sterling Water Pitcher can also be described as classic-contemporary. Its contours are timeless and yet modern in the way that the vessel is shaped to receive one's hand. The surface texture of constructed wires is reminiscent of a fluted column while also feeling as organic and relaxed as blades of grass side by side.

I was pleased that this piece was accepted in this day and age of increasingly conceptually-based fine craft. I truly believe in the importance of maintaining a link to tradition. Fusion of form and function, balance, and technical excellence — these are wholesome qualities that can always be combined in refreshing new ways.