Artist Statement
Clean Lines and Classic Designs
I enjoy the challenge of working in metal. It is a resistant material, yet, wonderfully malleable. When smithing pieces, it excites me to gradually “flow” metal as a plastic solid. Metal is also a precise material. Jewellery making satisfies me immensely due to the accuracy that can be achieved in soldered construction and stone setting. I often cut and polish my own stones to match the precision of the silver and gold work.

I also enjoy the challenge of functional design. The purpose of a piece, its human overtones, its operational requirements are all starting points for a host of creative solutions. I strive for a fusion of form and function. As in nature, beauty of form is often synonymous with ability to function. I try to create designs that read clearly by reducing and simplifying and using smooth flowing lines that the eye can follow with ease.

Nature is my main inspiration. Its endless diversity within order parallels my own choice to create one-of-a-kind yet familiar objects. The play of light in nature pleases me, as do the reflective and optical qualities of metals and stones. I am drawn to universal forms — circles, spheres, spirals — and I strive to rework their centered, wholesome feeling. Nature offers countless examples of forms that function perfectly and forms that reflect the inherent logic of their growth pattern or internal structure. I try to translate this logic into designs that simply feel right. The process of redefining nature in my art is a challenge. It is also gratifying because the results can be very beautiful.

The pursuit of beauty is my purpose. For me, the power of the arts lies in their ability to affect our feelings directly through our senses, unencumbered by words or any need for explanation.  This power not only can serve to reflect society but can also shape it.  I strongly believe that by creating art that is uplifting and enriching — that simply feels good because it is beautiful — we help to shape the world in a positive way.